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Beloved and Bereft

My ‘scatter brain’ does cause me trouble these days. Yesterday I had a small panic as I thought, ‘I haven’t got a card for Mum’. My mother died toward the end of 2019. Somewhat pathetically, as I my brain grasped hold of reality, I felt ever so slightly relieved that I couldn’t forget to get her a card…

I still have something of Mum with me – a small ‘saving’ of her ashes (admittedly gathering dust). I kept them behind for one of my siblings, wounded – and woundingly estranged from our family and her own children and grandchildren. I still hope that one day there can be a reconciliation and that, together, we may find healing and wholeness in the scattering of those ‘saved’ ashes among the spring flowers so beloved by our mother.

A gifted past evangelist and pastor of Chichester Diocese, Bishop Lindsay OSB, used to speak of the church as the ‘House of Mercy’ in which the broken and hurting would find welcome, acceptance and come to know the saving love of God in Christ. As we prepare to celebrate again ‘Mothering Sunday,’ I’m genuinely humbled by all the ways in which Harbour Churches offer a space where that same welcome, acceptance and love is made real. That’s why being able to offer refreshments after church Sunday by Sunday is such a blessing. Do contact Lindy via the parish office email if you feel able to serve in this way.

However, we are not only a ‘House of Mercy’ for those we are called to serve – but also for ourselves. We too are the beloved and bereft, discovering on this pilgrimage of grace just what it means to receive Christ’s promise of life and life all its fullness.

May we all have a blessed Mothering Sunday.


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