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Canadian Camp


Before Jane and I set out for a lengthy journey in ‘Bertie’ our motorhome, we always like to start with a ‘Canadian Camp’…

A Canadian Camp is when you make your first stop-over close from where you set off. It’s a smart thing the early Canadian trappers and explorers did. It gives you a chance to check through your kit and find out what’s missing or not working quite as you’d hoped it would. Any issues and you can return – a little humbly – and get yourself properly ready for the big trip…

Last month we started what we hoped would be a set pattern of healing services. Our first service was well received and a blessing. Yet on reflection, I felt that we needed to think it through some more and be really clear and confident in what God most certainly is calling us to do through a ministry of healing. I think that’s smart – I hope you do to. We aim to set off for the big trip in May!

Last Thursday, at another deeply engaging Lent Talk, Eric spoke passionately about a sense of the quickening of the Spirit within Harbour Churches. I and others also sense that we are a church in momentum as we seek to respond to God’s call to be good news and share in the work of building God’s kingdom.  But ‘quickening’ doesn’t mean that we have to go fast…
It’s OK to journey just a little way, pause and regroup before we set off again on this blessed pilgrimage of grace.

May you continue to keep a good Lent – eh!



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