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The love of God that is in Jesus Christ our Lord

The love of God that is in Jesus Christ our Lord – Romans 8:36 39, each Sunday deep dive with us into the heart of Romans during One Church Family services.

Discovering Jesus in Holy Week

Discovering Jesus in Holy Week, life can press in on us like the carnival crowd. Join us at Harbour Churches during Holy Week & on Easter Day; all are Welcome!

Lent and theology; What would Jesus Do?

Lent & theology; What would Jesus do? Inspirational speaker Bishop Laurie Green leads a Bible study class & asks “How Christians can engage theologically with real life issues?”

Lent Activities and Easter Church Services

Live Lent with Harbour Churches. Find Lent activities and Palm Sunday and Holy Week & Easter Church services listed on this page.

Advent Activities and Church Services

Celebrate Christmas and Advent activities and church services with Harbour Churches. We have a full December 2023 schedule, do join us!

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