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Father Forgive Them


If only I had chosen to give up salad veg and tomatoes for Lent! Lucky ‘you’ if you’re the type who takes things up for Lent and your thing is turnips…

Without wanting to over extend the food metaphor, GB does seem to be in a particular pickle…Of course compared to the deprivations faced by other nations and not least Ukraine, the rigours of root veg seem mild.

I attended the first of our Lent Talks ‘The 7 Last Words’ and goodness it was good. We are blessed in Harbour Churches with those who can share ‘good news’. Eric’s talk was on the first of Christ’s words ‘Father, forgive them’. It was both moving and deeply challenging to confront afresh the reality of Christ-like forgiveness as we begin our Lenten pilgrimage. Eric concluded with the challenge to give up resentments, bitterness and all that hardens our hearts. After listening to Eric for half an hour I believed that, with God’s grace, I might actually be able to do that…

We plan to serialise themes from Eric’s Lent Talks through his blog and we’ll also make audio recordings of the talks available to you.

Praying we may keep a good Lent.


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