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Healing and Wholeness


I’m really encouraged that the Ministry Team feels able to offer the monthly service of healing and wholeness which had become an established part of Harbour Churches service of worship pre-Covid. It will be a reflective time of gentle but inspiring prayer and praise. We begin Sunday 5th February.

We hope it will a time for anyone who feels the need to be supported prayerfully or who wishes to be there on behalf of someone else. There will be a particular intention for those who have asked our prayers. Anointing and laying on of hands will also be offered for those who chose it. Members of the pastoral Tabitha Team will also be there for support.

Our ‘prayer list’ those for whom we been asked to pray is also going to adapt in the light of the healing and wholeness service. Those who need immediate and urgent prayer will continue to be prayed for Sunday by Sunday. Those whose needs are longer term will be prayed for by the church family at the weekly Thursday 6pm Be Still service of prayer and stillness and West Wittering. At the monthly Healing and Wholeness service all those who have asked for our prayers as well as those situations in our everyday lives – near and far –  will be an especial focus for prayer.

As ever the Ministry Team welcome requests for prayer and are always willing to pray with you as needed.  If the request is for someone other than yourself it is important that they have been asked that this is what they would like.

Again, this is all very encouraging, but please could I ask for your prayers as we prepare for the re-introduction of this service.

Assuring you of my prayers and trusting to yours



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