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Lent and theology; What would Jesus Do?

Our first Lent Talk was given by respected speaker Bishop Laurie Green

Throughout the season of Lent, Harbour Churches is following the Bible story from Christ’s birth to His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, His journey to the Cross and death. Our Lent Talks guide us on the road to Bethany where Jesus lived and walked. We ask how Jesus put his faith into action, and what we can learn about putting our Christian faith into action.

We welcomed respected theological speaker Bishop Laurie Green to Harbour Churches on Saturday 17 February. He talked to us about “How Christians can engage theologically with real life issues.” How they can take what is heard in church with them into their lives.

Dr Susan Monks made notes during the Bible study morning and has kindly shared some excerpts below.

“Acting and Thinking as a Christian in the 21st century in the UK in 2024 is a real challenge. Our secular culture makes it difficult, there is pressure on all of us. How do we respond and act out our lives as Christians?

This is theology!

Dr Susan Monks

Lent Talk part one: Lent & Theology; What would Jesus do?

Listen to our YouTube recording here:

“Jesus is doing things that are very difficult for us to understand. Note that the Devil used scripture to ‘tempt’ Jesus. Jesus has to work out that the power of Herod and the Romans is Power over people whereas God’s power is for people. John’s gospel is all about LOVE.

The Holy Spirit of Love is not flimsy stuff, it:

  • [is] TRUTH

Arms widen open, as on the Cross, the crucifixion, the experience of the Holy Spirit is in the Bible, yes but it is also in the experiences, the issues in life that we have to face.”

Dr Susan Monks

Lent Talk part two: Lent & Theology; What would Jesus do?

Listen to our YouTube recording here:

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