Tag: World Prayer Day 2024

World Prayer Day (United Reform Church PO20 8BU)

WORLD DAY PRAYER DAY 2024; ‘I beg you, bear with one another in love’. Everyone is welcome to the Service at 2.00 pm at the United Reform Church, 2 Oakfield Avenue, East Wittering, PO20 8BU followed by afternoon tea. This year’s service has been written by the Christian women of Palestine. Despite living in an area of the world where there is ongoing conflict,  they are sharing with love a reminder that they are there and they want to give hope to everyone. The theme of the service ‘bearing with one another in love’ seems very appropriate for these women who will not give up witnessing the love of Jesus Christ. This is a great opportunity for all local denominations to share together as representatives of the six churches in our area take part. 
Contact Beryl Dyton via the Harbour Churches Parish Office wwbi.parishoffice@gmail.com for more information.

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