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Tell the stories of Jesus


‘Who do you say I am?’ Jesus asks his disciples in Sunday’s Gospel (Matt 19.13-19).

On Tuesday, a group from Harbour Churches were offered a powerful and moving answer to that question. We took part in ‘The Life of Christ’ production at Wintershall. It was immersive – and amazing. I came away with a renewed connection to the person of Christ – the depth of his humanity, the radical nature of his message and his ‘at-one-ness’ with his heavenly Father.

It was also a much-needed break from the pressures of the Parish pump…The day before, West Wittering CofE Primary School had their Church Schools inspection. It was rigorous and demanding – as any inspection should be. The Inspector was also insightful and wise. Her report remains confidential until it is officially published, but one thing she said to us as staff and Governors was clearly ‘on message’ with how the Holy Spirit was moving:

‘Never underestimate the value of telling the stories of Jesus and inspiring the children to live out of those stories.’

Coming to know Jesus is coming to know what life is – life in all its fullness.

Who is Jesus for us? How are we telling his story? In what ways are we living out the Jesus story?

In Him


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