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The Gift of Giving

Dear Friends

So many have shared how uplifted they were after last Sunday’s ‘One Church’ service. It was such a time of blessing and affirmation as we began the new year together in worship, focusing on our theme for Epiphany ‘The Gift of Giving’

A real highlight was your response to a request for help from our friends in Bo, Sierra Leone with work to their Cathedral (above). Together, by the grace of God, we were able in the service to raise not only the £650 needed to provide new electrics for the Cathedral but an additional £200 which they are going to use to complete other vital fabric improvements to enhance the Cathedral as a place of worship. Bishop Soloman has written with his heartfelt thanks to all of us.

It seemed such a small amount to raise for such a major fabric project – in our churches it would have cost tens of thousands of pounds. Money does go much further in Sierra Leone!

It offers us a God given moment to reflect on how we appreciate the real cost – and value, of things.  I have been struck to discover the one million pound cost of one Viper missile to shoot down a twenty thousand pound drone in the Red Sea… Or the financial compensation packages offered to those who have suffered from the shocking miscarriage of justice inflicted on postmasters and mistresses…

It matters for our Christian stewardship and witness that we are aware of both the cost of things and their value in the service of God’s kingdom – both to the church and to the world. I feel very encouraged this year Harbour Churches is going to be alive to all that God is blessing us with and all that we can do in turn to use those blessings to God’s glory.

With thanks for being good news


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