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The New Convenant

Dear friends

One of the last remaining ‘restrictions’ of having to protect ourselves, and all who are vulnerable, from Covid 19, has been the removal of wine at the distribution of communion. For some time, Bishop Martin has been encouraging the Diocese to offer wine to those who wish to receive it. At our last meeting of the joint PCCs of West Wittering and Birdham with Itchenor, it was agreed that from Easter Sunday we would re-introduce wine at Holy Communion.

However, one member of the PCC rightly pointed put that Covid has not gone away and that there is still vulnerability in our communities – especially for those with weakened immunity and the elderly. Further, the Government no longer tracks Covid infections and so it is hard to determine what level of risk there is.

For these and other valid reasons I would want to stress that wine is being offered – no one is under any obligation to receive wine at the distribution of communion and certainly no one should feel any pressure – particularly peer pressure – to receive wine.

In addition to re-introducing wine, we are also intending to offer refreshments after each main Sunday act of worship in all three of our Harbour Churches. However, there is no ‘royal we’ in this. If we are to be able to offer the quality of welcome and hospitality to which we aspire, then all of God’s people need to ask how they can support this initiative. I’m delighted that Lindy Nichols has agreed to lead on this, and she would love to hear from you. If you don’t have Lindy’s contact details please email the Parish Office via wwbi.parishoffice@gmail.com we will pass your kind offer of help on to Lindy.

The ’tyranny’ of the coffee rota features in many a Vicar’s therapy sessions…This Sunday we’ll hear of the hassles that Moses went through when the people he led complained that they were thirsty. Well, I’m not Moses and you’re not the Israelites but we do thirst – we thirst for that living water which God pours out for us in Christ and longs for us to share with others so that they too may know life and life in all its fullness.

Every blessing


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