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The Transfiguration according to Matthew


This Sunday’s Gospel is the story of the Transfiguration according to Matthew. It’s a bit of a ‘pick me up’ before we begin the spiritual rigours of Lent.

Can think of ‘The Transfiguration’ as being for the benefit of the disciples, for their faith and confidence in the lasting glory of Jesus at bad times – a moment of divine encouraging?

This coming Sunday marks a year since the war in Ukraine began. Within days Harbour Churches, in partnership with the wider community had initiated a support hub for refugees arriving in our area – and it has gone from strength to strength. The hub has been such good news and, let’s dare we say, a revelation of Christ’s lasting glory.

You see I think it’s more than just doing good things (crucial though they are). It’s what we proclaim, what we make real by doing them – God’s glory.

Susan Monks has something to share which again captures the essence of the life transfigured open to us in Christ:

“There has been a lot of bad news these past weeks, globally and locally but I want to share with you something positive that happened Monday last. Our little community choir we call Birdham Village Choir (but which is made up of singers from across the peninsula) went to sing at Manorfield Nursing Home.

It was supposed to be Christmas carols but that got postponed due to the chest infections that plagued everyone in December, so instead we sang songs from musicals, the Vicar of Dibley and a selection from South Pacific. Many of our choir are Harbour Church folk who enjoy singing for themselves but also to give back to the community. Seeing the joy and love shared between the choir, the staff and the residents was truly humbling, and everyone felt it was a ‘special’ occasion.

Music is such a gift, God-given, that awakes in people’s hearts and souls a sense of what it means to be human and we saw residents who rarely speak or communicate come alive as they sang old familiar songs with us. There was much laughter and happiness on that Monday night and we are grateful to have been part of it. So, when you sing hymns and songs this Sunday sing with gusto and remember God’s gifting, it will lift your spirits in these challenging times.”

Thank you Susan, thank you all for lives transfigured…



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