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Treasure in Jars of Clay

Dear Friends

I love toy shops! Even in my older age I still have that same thrill, walking in and seeing shelves packed high with goodies – it is a JOY!

Later today I’ll wander into East’ and visit our brilliant local toy shop Shells (there’s also Salty Dog Wooden Toys) to get my gift to give tomorrow on Advent Sunday to support the work of My Sisters’ House. I know that if I was a little lad, I’d probably want what was always my favourite toy – a cap pistol (!) but I guess I ought to get something a little less martial..!

I don’t find it easy to give. God’s still working on giving me a generous heart. I’m often humbled (and held to account) by the generosity of so many of the good and faithful people within our church family who give so freely and bless so richly. I thank God for you all.

St Paul, whose letters so often speak a searching truth into our lives of faith, needed to remind that very enthusiastic church family in Corinth that the real treasure we have to give is the life giving spirit of God in Christ with which we have been gifted.

As you bring your toys or toiletries to Church this Advent Sunday may it connect you again to that same storehouse of grace.

Be blessed in being such a blessing


PS New, unwrapped toys and toiletries please.

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